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tv   Action News  ABC  January 15, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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> "action news," dela vley's leadi newsa itjim ganer. >his is the wayt looks at begss near grant avee i northeast philadphia.
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geysers sprouting fm a broken water main. at this hour t water dertment is still searching forhe source of the water. iis a mysty. t's a me. s tt te of year. wsday night and the big story on "action new tonit imeency for t philadelph wat department.ln the scene is "action ne reporter kenneth moton. wt's the tuatn >> well jim, it is quite a sne nd it is quite a mess for the phadeh water department cews w are still trying to turn tshing off. 'sece the old faithful of noheast ia out here whe tan of gallo of ter are shootg fm this -ch water main on a prive ece of property on bluegrass ad on the boulevard here. they have been dealing with the eak sie about 7: p.m. ty say the mainoes not suly wer to customers, it is fe service le ud f
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fefight sidentlo water t for of the water is stron seg water more than 150 feet io the air. ecau of theeatut water is freezing quickl w standing here and wahing the ice form on nearby e. branchs are snaing and fli.dhey are trying to isola th main but there haveeen major chalnges. > it impressive. prising, im not sure. er mains contain aot of pressu d depding on the t of brkou have water n sho directly up in the air air adut or the ground. look from choer 6 hd athe sce in northea elhia ed you see the water shting out of that 10-inch war main. ain no custors lost water svi but that cou change as ty ctinue to work on this prem ook at ts geyser here es we know this is the timef yea the te of the ss e soany water
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main breaks our area. ihink in the past f weeks, tually the past few hours seven or eight wer main breaks tity is deang wi. ts isn pte proper.u see t branchs freezing ohe contact ofhe war. tre no match for what is coming down and ice freezing. a they are trying to get a hand on this ande wi keep ch on this. gain no customers lost water svice but that could change. kneth moton for chann tionew ha you. > this is where it happened. he 2900 block of d strt in kngton, phadelph. elusi vid of a sht-out between gcery store owner d t bandits. pice are hoping the images will hp them cture t pair of gunman dann cuellar is live
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the police headquarters. it seems thewo armed banditm their match whethe er surprised them pulling h o gun and fires backt them forcing tm to fe without g o much as a di. e spoke exclusily with cws"bo the botched hold up. police s arou 70 p.m. last nht t men wt iohe groce. th o behind t counter as he a fridn a red rule-over watched tv.ay puld a gun and put it ohe side of his he. > he grabd me from here. i felt really cold against my ear a he told me yo d't e. a i stayed calm. ecauseh can do i? >> the store owner realized what w goi on and rushedor his un. gman fir a shot at him ad he quickly returns fire. > did you have any time to hink? . iot thinking. > y just reacted?
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>yeah reacted like that. >> and runni for cover as a woman cuom in the store abs heron and shields him. and the store owner's son came out othe backith a plate of cesestes t kno what d. >iouldn beliet. i in shock. ouldn't en sep lat last night. >> and the gun strkhe owner in the shoulder and ty say he s lucky he did not strike vital organs.i the fir time someone has tr rob him. > never been through ts ? no. >nd ye you me so quicy. yeah you know? > and the pe coneo se f the two baits, king anne who has sn them or kno the whe abouts to ttheolic thank you. >> one of amera's most wanted fitivn custody font.
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43 yr old t minh le aused of tying up three men in a southwestlihome stabbing tm all and dumping th into the schuylkill river la august. oofhe men died but one of e victi survived and swam to sre for he. aftehs on the run, the u.s. marshall captured le teay.yihe was involved in etnamese gan motivated murder because of a dg and gli debt. the authots say t u. cit the i tended target of a one wolf from ohio by the name o christoer lee cornell.d the f. agents arrested m this morning a he purchased a l of fire power. he aest comes amid an mospheref ever-heightened l in the wake of the paris terr tas. me from "action news" reporter ae "action ns" b ard. jim, this is the m in qst christoph lee e h 20 yesld. oicia say he was in the stages of
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traveling from cinnati, ohio to d.c. for an a-out assault.ey cornl went inse of th gun shop in suburban ciinna purchasing two m-15 ries 600 rounds of mmunitioo waldut of the shop the f. ants tackled him and tookim into federal govert. bi. says cornell had been loi an isis-insred attack on the u.s. capitol where he had ed to set off a sies of pipe bombs aimed at lawmaks. a cornell'sather spoke out nht. >e is le a big kid. h best friends his c mey. > as forow the f.b.i. was le to foil the plot cornell was communicating with a partr hatas going toelp him carry o e talk but tt was an f. inperformant. and security beefed up at
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natiol gud plant in dlare. i vicles aroached the entrance either askingor rections or pulng in and turnod d leavin y the is no specic tat and e increased meur out of cautio > and from the u.s. over ance wre lin up before dawn waiting to pick up e copy of the satiric agaze, charlie hebdo. first edition since the atck the ofce. usy 60,000 cies and tay 5 million. and new images from the kosher spmart where they killed o a group in yemen relegahe islased veo.d the one female involved was s on sveillance video
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tering turkey. d sretary of state, jn ke is eected to meet with the president of france this iday in paris to reiterate the .s.'s support.>> tha very much. our coverage continues on where we constantly date the site on the paris terrorks and any of the he-grn plots. is there for your cell phone tablet at > it could be more atlantic sinos will be going bust. division caesar's enterta pla to file for bankruptcy toow. orating ti operating operating oerating t. a ile it m financial camity, the gambling will go
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on wle it reorganiz trying to sp the $10 billion in debt. no si that aantic city evenue the doslide. rtaking in $2.74 bilon ltear whi nearly cs in half howuch the industry took in in 2006.t art of this obvioly is e to the four casino closings. ging deeper into the numbers he difft sry to erge. ry casino in atlantic city tually had a better year with revenuep except caesar and taj mahal. and a student under arrest an charges of distributing sexlideo of a classmate. t spect a 14-year-old boy, as is the victim. ta police are invtiting e anybo el was nvolve> this was the scene this
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morning in a car crashed into a ouse and then into cars. d they ofhe police were pursuing the suburban sg the tist was driving eicly. ier oa car hit by the suburbanf minor uries. nghter filynd coeaguh a memorial servfor t philadelpa police offir who was the first polewom killed in the line of duty january 2 1996. was fatally shot respond f bank robb. a the chuhf god and cist rembered life and courage an her devotion to servic > the first time since wdespread allegations of sexual slt began to emerge bill co could face crimal charges. 24 year o model m wi los anles detectives for two in 2008 e attended a
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pay he playboy mansion and rugged and assaulted by cosby. a he faces accusations fm re than 20 women dating back 40 ars. b this is the first claim that cld fl witn t statute of litations. a taxi driver in old cy in hiladelprd t tip of aifime over the holidays. ma picked up a passenger in old ci.trip w less than a mile the fare .31. b the passeng left a $989.98 p on his cret card. t fst the driver thought thati a mistake. t turned out to be simply a very generous gift. > can you hear me now? oe releas anpp to hp you converse anoth g. >nd talki about the car a and a wildide seen
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ise. >> and the handcuffed suspect roically held police. >> and another chilly night. ind chlsnhe low 20s. im trackg some warrir on e way. he details, including look a wkend ra t fecast.>d a mouain climbing feat n accomplished before. > and ducis rodgers with olgepsc.
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♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks, which means babies born even a few weeks early can have breathing, feeding, and learning problems. if your pregnancy is healthy wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait. peoplescape from a blazinho bus in toms er new jery this morning. li release video of the vehicular infern nly t driver and a school bus ae were on boa wh it burst nto flam. vsty
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cturing what ppened when a 94ear-old driver got his fo stuckn the gas pedal. hrough the carash at 40 miles p hour his car jumped the tracknd te off sev piec of equipment. ftunately any was hu nv therirho walked aw with a few scratches. >> tnager is being credited wh savi a poloffir's l same ofcer who hadust rested him. cameras iide of the fort aur booking facility show 17 year old jamal rutlee in hand cuf as he processes him. t officer collaps and he yes, ma's -- yells for hp ad the officer is fine. >> and a crash in odessa and
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the priners not weari atbeltwe hd cufd ther in pairs. > t space staon emeency is over. hey are safe. n a rare scare at 4:00 a.m. an arm ward of a possible tic onia t out to be a false arm. s the computer proem ma ha sett off. 1ours after the warni the crew allowed back onhe ic side. unexpted slump in retail sales at e u. city during the holiday shopping season. t commerceeparent ses down in decemberhe biggest drop in a year. nalysts are not terbly woed. of the reasons the store made mey were positives for csumers. prices fallg, big discoun andhe holidayeasonreed bacin ocbe so fewer people needed to buy last mute. isten up google is trying
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to it eier to have nversaon oth gges. th company released a new translatn p tod that would ome in handy for intertional tvells. > i would like a cup of coffee. . > [speaking in foreign lanage] and google says it can nvertpeech almo in real time to allow the user to ask qutionand listen to answers. r now it only works between lish french spanish, taan german portugue and rsi.t ly nan ty expect to have it working for 38 langues bore n t long much you c o your entire forecast in ar langue you want. >> si. tt's my spanish. cou have used that for high school spanh. s not bad. >> that'sll i've got. ill give the forast in lish. h dryonditns out
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tre. swhowers athe sho have final moved out. b earlier this evening this w t s in cape may okingp to the light. t s a blizrd about the sow showe were coating e cars and driveways in ce elier tay seeing about ah inch ofnow and a little i of dusting tonight. mraha been stuck? t 30s. a brutly-cold weekend. y we bumped it up to 38 ges. ay and today o afteron o struggling to hit the fzing mark. t h certainly been am cold week and it's going to be another very cold night. ladelphia d crently millville 30. tnton 29 allentownnd reading 27 degree ilmington 29 degrees. ellite 6 showing t coast i can'ting -- the coastal w, at moved away. w still have a vl of thin cuds. the higpressure bind lo buis in in the overnit hour t clouds wil
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be breaking and tomorrow ssonabl3 degrees, which is 1 degree shy of the avege high for this yr with a mture of s and clouds. a in all a pretty niceanuary d. friday our tempeture up 1 degree to 40. b is going to feel a lot oor. g ahead of the coldront we g win out of the wt-nohwt up to 30 miles anu hillsn the tee and 2. a th behd tt front, t front mos through dry. a anoer area of high pureuis in the first hathe weekend. tt will bring usoads of sshine, b a chill on aturday.anday ishe flip side. t will be mild but i am tracking se rain on the wa sohe bus stop fecast mo bundlep the kids but mbe not quite as much as th morning. lose o or two layers. do of sunshi. t wilbe ssonably cold not brutally cold. a 6:00 24 degrs. 8:00 26 deees. t dalanner swi tomorrow w finally got rid of the . aotf sunshine mostly sny
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ies at 7:00 25 degrees. me sunshine 10:00, 31. y 1:00 36 and by 4:00 temperatus rising up into the upper 30s. he seven-day forecast mixture oun and clouds. fe 40 gusty nderstan roppingt dn to 35 dee on saturday. sy is mild 46 degrees but clou and rain developi. ad futuretraer showing t he rain along t coast can get close to an inchf rain. ang phidea abo a half ch and lehh vaey and the pnos seeing some showers tu. n windy and chilly but dry fr mlk d of service. 39 degrees.throppingt down to 36 grees on tuesd under mostly nny skies.d t clipper will bring us some sw showers on wednesday with a high of 37 degrees. yuan see the temperares cy not a heat wave but above degrees the next week. lln all feeling a little
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ern today. n you, ceci. > hollywood's biggest night hn a mon away but we only have a fehours to wait to a which starsnd which movies will no, ma'amited for coscars. the annouement tomorroon "good mornecahen 6a at 8:30. t 87th oscars air only on chnel 6 sunday, u22. > aoss the country it is meca's favite jackpot game andoming to you right now. g ready everybody, this is powerball d eninamica, ton we ha an estimated jackt worth $6.miion.i hope y have your perball icks hand. lk and timto see how di fst mber is down. eave 10. lowed the numr 4. nd tonight heading to savannah ra to et david winng $1
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lion. a 53 follody 2 and then 4 t winning powerball numbert 22 tonight. ad your powerplay multiple flyers 5. a one moreook at the winningnrs fr a of us he at t flo powerba deciding which bread to buy can be tough. deciding between buying bread
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> celebrating a recordaking b in california's yosemite nati park. r old tom caldwell a 0-ye-o kev jorgeson became the first to free climb e capin. t took tm8 days to cquer the 3,000-foot rock face using just their bare hands and feet. psint a st the pair a tweet posing picture in front yosemite and wting y remind us th anything is pble. >> philadelpfs in wain tig tryg toat t caps. > there w a power outage down there, butust for one team the flyers. sve mon out for the time being giving the goalie rob zepp moroties show his wth. t agaithe caps he worth a lo iis the rest of team that s a problem. 0 into the game zepp the victim of a bad bounce a re blemish on his work. they score, 1-0 washington.
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pp solid from there 25 saves. a looking go but zero sport. fers don sre a sine go a lose this one 1-0. the sixers head into toronto whout a keyiece as their ading srer stays behind with sprained absce is felt. a mhael cart-williams n great at shooting but dribble never a probm. an high pots. a the philadelphia native kyle lrey a terrificeason averagg beer than 20oints agame and 18 for him in ts one n sixers lose. >> a the villanova wildcats in top five ranked fifth, may still be far from the ceing. d running in the first half and finishing with a 16-point le and no loong back. a still in the first half the ig man can step ou
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na wins. > and temple and smu. ry brn. a the second half going behind t back to jesse morgan. nd temple up 5. gan leads the team with 15 is. nr 1: to go a marcus knedya villanova transfer showing f in his hometown. 9oints for him and browne and s beat owls. > for me at my age the ntest thing to be around young ks re. c i do. tyre a good te. heir defensive numbers are very gd. are a very efficnt team. >ore clege basketball d and checking in on la s and st.
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> la salle loses to dayon 50. 14 r in the secd half blew it on for e flyers. t. joe's hoed and five threpoters a a perct 6-6 rom the free-throw line. ceer high 23 points. urve for t seor. haw win 66-65. >> you only have to wait about a month. ds to be exact. alking about when the phillies pitchend catchers report to carwatet the phills made a few top prospectg ble including
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th gu thehills got in the jimmy rollins page. nd it has been a whirlwind. >> to know my life would change li thatrom one organization tothe rom t we to the et coastt was exciting to tred for jimmy rollins. >>nd beball is almost back. >> tha you. jimmy kimmel live. acon news" continue 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt donnell meteorologist dav mu and reroge wh . e entire "acon news" t i'm j gardner gh. ♪♪ 7
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